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Family Law

The staff at Durham Legal Group can capably handle complex family law litigation without overlooking the emotional details that present stress to our clients during the court process. You can be sure of formidable representation, creative solutions, and personal service. Because Family Law covers a broad range of emotional legal topics involving marriage and children, our legal team will guide you past the strong emotions to resolution while protecting your rights. Divorce, enforcement actions, child support, child custody disputes, spousal maintenance, and even property cases are all treated in an efficient, direct and professional manner designed to get results for you.

Dissolution of Marriage

The realization that a marriage has come to an end is an emotional and devastating experience. Once the decision has been made to end a marriage, it's important to speak with an attorney immediately. Even when couples agree to settle their divorce without bickering, serious mistakes may be made without the assistance of an attorney, especially when children are involved. Emotions often interfere and cause confusion when navigating through the divorce process. Attorney Lori Durham will explain your rights and assist you in bringing this chapter of your life to a close in the most amicable way possible.  If amicability is not present in your particular matter, Lori Durham has the litigation experience necessary to protect your rights in even the most contentious situation.


There are times when it is necessary for the court to appoint a guardian for a minor child or a disabled adult who cannot care for themselves, referred to as the “ward”. The guardian may make financial or personal decisions in the best interest of the ward. We can assist you in all phases of establishing guardianship through Florida Courts.  

Domestic Violence Injunctions

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or believe you are in imminent danger, you should first contact law enforcement immediately may petition the court for a domestic violence injunction. There are specific injunctions for repeat offenders. Lori Durham has researched thousands of pages of case law referencing Domestic Violence and will help you obtain an injunction if you find you are a victim of, or feel threatened by, a violent present or former spouse or child.

Additionally, Lori has experience defending Respondents against the entry of injunctions. If you have been served with a petition from the Court seeking an injunction to be entered agasint you, Lori will vigorously defend you.  Lori will take the time to explain the process and prepare you for your hearing.  


Child Support

Child support laws are complicated, but our firm can take you through the process comfortably, assuring you of a fair support payment, and will assist with all negotiations concerning visitation and parental responsibility.

Understanding child support laws is challenging, but Lori's experience and knowledge will ease your concerns and present the process to you in simple layman's language.

Child Support Modifications

Health issues, job loss, and other unexpected circumstances may result in the need for a modification of the original terms in the divorce agreement. Child support modifications can be made if the circumstances of the party requesting the modification have subtanially change by the legal definition. Our firm will help evaluate your current child support obligation to ascertain whether a modification is appropriate in your situation.  


Paternity establishment is the process of determining the legal father of a child. Every child has a biological father, but if the parents are not married the father must establish paternity through the Courts to ensure that he may exercise his paternal rights in the child’s life. To establish paternity and the father’s rights the the Father(or Mother) must file a proper Petition with the Court and have an appropriate order entered.  If you are an unmarried Father who would like to establish his rights in his child’s life, give us a call so that we may guide you to a swift, fair resolution.

 Lorraine M Durham PA

Collaborative Law

The collaborative law process enables couples who have decided to end their marriage to work with their lawyers to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties, while minimizing the emotional stress on their children. The Collaborative process brings together a neutral team of professionals to help the couple come to an amicable, fair resolution to their divorce while keeping their family system as intact as possible.  Each professional on the collaborative team is committed to resolving the parties’ divorce without the necessity of Court proceedings. This process  encourages to work together to accomplish a better outcome for both parents and children and is intended to leave the family with the least amount of damage resulting from the divorce possible.